Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Traditions

I don’t know about you, but I love the traditions that my family has every Christmas.  I think it just makes this time of year that much more special.  Here’s some of my family’s Christmas traditions.  

Watching Christmas Movies

Christmas movies can be a lot of fun.  Sure, many of them are cheesy, but you only get to watch them once a year without people looking at you strangely, so you may as well enjoy it.  Some titles that my Mom and I watch every year are: It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, The Bishop’s Wife, Miracle on 34th Street, The Christmas Card and Home Alone 2.  If my brother takes the time to sit down and watch a Christmas movie, we always watch A Red Green Christmas, since that’s his favorite.  

Annual Christmas Ornament

Every year since our first Christmas, my parents have given us each a new ornament every year.  That way, once we’re out on our own we’ll have several ornaments for our tree that have real meaning to us.  My mom painted a few of our ornaments herself, which makes them extra special.  Others show what we did or learned during that year or what we were interested in.  My ornament for this year is a TARDIS.  

Making Christmas Cards

This has been a tradition for my mom and I for quite a few years.  We usually send out about 40-50 cards and make them all.  We try to keep the design simple so that it’s not too time-consuming to make a bunch of them, but they always turn out pretty cute.  Here’s a picture of the card we made this year.  


The Christmas Pickle

This is a pretty common tradition for a lot of people.  How it works in my house is that my parents hide the pickle ornament somewhere on the Christmas tree, and then the rest of us have to try and find it.  It can be pretty tricky, since the pickle is green and so are the branches.  The person who finds the pickle gets to open one of their presents before everybody else.  

What are some of your Christmas traditions? 

Next week I’ll be looking at how I did on resolutions for this month.  Until then, Merry Christmas to all of you! 


  1. I've never heard of the Christmas Pickle...

    We don't really have any traditions in my family, but I wish we did.

  2. We get new ornaments in my family every year too! :) This year I got my first inital in big shiny print.

    I've heard of the Christmas pickle before, but every time it makes me laugh a little bit. I'm not sure why....