Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mid-April Progress Report

Where has the first half of this month gone?  Let me know if you see it anywhere, because it kind of passed me by.  I haven't even thought much about my resolutions for this month, so let's see how I've been doing on them...

Organize Recipes

I've tried a few new recipes this month so far, which means more loose recipes have been added to the pile.  Unfortunately, the organizing bit hasn't even started yet.  Speaking of new recipes, I've made this one for gluten-free soft sugar cookies twice already, and they're a hit.  Check it out!

Read At Least 4 Books

I'm working through book number two, which is Northanger Abbey, so I'm a bit behind.  Hopefully I can catch up.

Keep Writing/Editing

Oh yeah...  I was going to do this, wasn't I?  I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't even looked at a single word of my writing this month.  I've meant to, but there's always been some other chore or activity that has sounded more interesting.  Any tips for getting myself motivated to do this?

Watch What I Eat

This has been going  pretty well so far.  I've been making sure to get lots of veggies in my diet, and Greek yogurt (Chobani all the way) is my favorite breakfast food.  

Yoga 4 Times A Week

I've been keeping up with this pretty well, I think.  As long as I continue for the rest of the month, this should be a success. 


  1. I have been struggling with writing a lot recently as well due to being busy with school. Sometimes what helps is brining the document up on my computer and just leaving it up so it will always be there to remind me.

  2. That recipe you posted looks amazing... thanks for posting the link! :)

    1. They're far too delicious not to share! I hope you give them a try. :)