Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List Update

July is upon us already, and I only managed to post twice during the whole of June.  I'll try to be better  this month, I promise!  I'm playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion right now, which I'd like to talk about sometime, and I'm sure other ideas will pop up.  To start, I'd like to take a look at how I'm doing on my summer bucket list.  

Date With Dad: This didn't work out quite as I had planned, but it was still a great time nonetheless.  We had dessert at White Box Pies first (because life is uncertain), then went to Red Robin for dinner.  They're one of the few burger places nearby that offers gluten-free buns.  Yum.

Read Outside: I did this the other day.  For some reason, I especially love reading Cathy Marie Hake's novels outdoors.  I don't know why, but it just fits somehow.  

Go Hiking: I went with my brother, sister-in-law and a friend to Centennial Trail, where we kind of made our own path.  We also saw a little crawdad in the river by the trail.  We named him Miguel.  

Iced Tea with a Friend: I had a nice cup of iced tea with my mom and a few of her friends.  This is definitely an item that will have to be completed more than once, though.  You know, just for good measure.  

Portal 2 Co-op: I finally finished the standard courses with my cousin.  I'll probably play it again with another friend, because it was just that fun.  

Bubble Tea: I had the Thai flavor this time.  I think every new flavor I try instantly becomes my favorite.

I Love Lucy Marathon: It's official: I have watched every single episode of I Love Lucy at least once.  No kidding, this was a life goal for me.  

White Box Pies: As I said above, I've been there once so far.

Flower Hair Clips: I'm not sure they'll become a common part of my wardrobe, but they are really cute.

Pedicure: I've had one so far, but I'm thinking another might be in order before the season is out.

Read a Jules Verne Novel: I read Journey to the Center of the Earth, which I loved.  I'll definitely be adding it to my collection and checking out more of his work.

Visit The Buggy Barn: This was a fun outing with my mom, but didn't quite interest me as much as I had hoped.  I'm sorry, but I'm just not crafty enough to work with fabric well.

Evening Walk:  Walked for a while near my house, watched the sunset, and listened to this lovely song.

Drive With the Windows Down: This is kinda fun, but I'll admit that I prefer air conditioning.

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