Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Geek's Homeschool Curriculum

I'd like to have kids some day, and if I do, I'm pretty sure that I want to homeschool them.  Personally, I loved being homeschooled.  I think it gives a lot of room for creative curriculum ideas, such as these.  

Critical Thinking Skills - Chess

Chess is a classic game, and it can sharpen your mind.  Not only are the rules a bit complicated, but the strategy really takes some thinking ahead.  Why not make it a school activity?

Physics - Portal

I know I learned a lot about physics from playing Portal.  Sure, you might never have a portal gun in real life, but it teaches you a lot of the basic concepts.

Creative Thinking, Problem Solving - King's Quest VI

King's Quest VI is a tough game, but I still have fond memories of playing it when I was younger, even though I didn't actually finish it until I was fifteen.  Sure, by the time I have kids that are old enough to solve the puzzles in it, the graphics will be even more outdated, but there's some great concepts in there.

History - Doctor Who

Yeah, at its heart, Doctor Who is a sci-fi show, but The Doctor also travels to the past.  I'm not afraid to admit that a lot of my interest in historical figures came after I watched them in a Doctor Who episode.  A couple of these episodes just might be part of my homeschooling curriculum.  


Greek Mythology - Percy Jackson & The Olympians series

I knew very little of Greek mythology before I read these books.  Not only is it very interesting to learn about these mythological creatures and gods, but it's also cool to compare them to the one God.  On top of that, fanfiction is a *great start to honing your creative writing skills.    

*Yes, I know that some fanfiction is really bad, but as I said, it's a good start, meaning that eventually, you should probably move on to something else.

Simple Math - Pen & Paper Roleplaying Games

Dungeons and Dragons as well as many other P&P games have gotten a bad reputation, but really, all those dice rolls and modifiers and such are really useful for teaching you how to make quick calculations.  Besides that, it's fun.  

Alien Slaying Skills - Dead Space

Just kidding.  Mostly.

What creative methods would you use to teach important skills? 

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