Monday, July 23, 2012

Choices of a Star Wars Fan

"Yep, I'm still awesome.  Thanks for asking."
Coming to you from the dangerous reaches of a Star Wars fan's mind, shamelessly copied and pasted from my page on Goodreads here is the promised review of Choices of One.  

Rating: 4/5 stars.  

"A solid addition to the Star Wars universe that also has a killer cliff-hanger ending that makes me want to somehow get a hold of a copy of the next book in the series, Scoundrels, right now. But that's the fan-girl in me talking. For a minute here, let me talk about the things that could have been better. Yes, even the great Timothy Zahn has faults.

First of all, the time period that this book is very, very fleshed out, not leaving Zahn much room to maneuver his plot around in really creative ways. Not that the plot was bad, I thought it was pretty good, it just didn't wow me the way some of Zahn's other books did.

There was also the issue with which characters could and couldn't bump into each other because they don't meet until future books. Yes, I'm mostly talking about Luke and Mara here. They can't meet each other until much later in the series, yet in this book they're very close to doing just that. The only thing that kept them from meeting was Zahn's plot manipulation, which was a little obvious at times. Also, Luke was a little uninteresting to me through most of this book. Maybe it's because he's still a bit of the inexperienced farm boy from the movies, but I found him to be rather bland when compared to the rest of the cast.

There's also good things about this book, of course. Thrawn and his wonderfully devious mind make an appearance, and Jorj Car'das is also there in a minor role. Han and Leia have some great moments, of course, and the members of the Hand Of Judgment are back. All in all, this was a great read, but still a step down from Allegiance and the other Star Wars books that Zahn has written. However, I have hope that Scoundrels will step it back up.

P.S. Please tell me that Talon Karrde is going to show up in the next book. Pretty please." 

Coming soon(ish) will be a review of Portal 2, so check back next week.

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