Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Greetings, and have a review

Hi there, and thanks for taking a look at my blog.  My name is Kaylin, and no, Threepwood is not my real last name, just a nod to the Monkey Island game series.  This is the first blog I've ever done, so I'll be learning how to code my page, how to write my posts properly, etc.  Please excuse the mistakes I'm sure to make.
  I'm certainly not an expert on any of the things I talk about, just a humble fan that likes to talk and rave about how much I like things.  I think this, more than anything, defines a geek.  Plus, it's fun. 
 So what kind of things do I like?   Gaming, for one.  Especially role-playing games because of the story they tell and how they let your choices shape it.  The first game I ever really got into was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which opened me up to Star Wars in general. 
 I also love reading.  You can check out my page on Goodreads and see what I'm currently reading, what I want to read, and some other reviews I've written there.  
 Speaking of reviews, here's a review of a book I recently read; Star Wars: Allegiance by Timothy Zahn.  It's the same review that's up on Goodreads, so you can read it either place.  Enjoy. 

"This book was a great Star Wars fix. The story kept me interested all the way through, and there was enough of a cliff-hanger ending that I can't wait to read Choices of One.

Allegiance is set in an interesting time period; right between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. While Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca are all in it, the main focus is more around Mara Jade (Codename The Emperor's Hand) and a group of stormtroopers that call themselves The Hand of Judgment. Through a series a circumstances, these five stormtroopers are no longer welcome on the Star Destroyer Reprisal and decide to live a life in hiding. They just can't seem to keep from helping people everywhere they go, though, which makes hiding difficult.

Mara is really neat to see in this book because we get to know a little bit more about her history from her very own point of view. She is very, very good at what she does, which almost seems ridiculous for a girl of eighteen, but if I was raised by Palpatine, I bet I'd be a good secret Imperial agent, too. We also get to see how she doesn't really know what Palpatine is like because of how much she admires him, and she gets some interesting dialogue with Darth Vader.

Han and Leia are back to the way they were in the movies, each picking on the other just to see them annoyed. It's still fun in the later books when they're married, but this is even better.

Before I start writing a novel about how much I like this novel, let me just say that if you love Star Wars, you ought to read this."

Thank you for reading my first post, and God bless.

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