Monday, January 14, 2013

Mid-January Progress Report

The mid-point of January is here and it's time for a progress report on my resolutions for this month.  I said in my resolutions post that I wanted to take it easy, but looking at what I have accomplished already, I think that I may been a little too easy on myself.   That's always a pleasant surprise, though, to go above and beyond what you expected of yourself.  

Write At Least 2,013 Words

I'm proud to say that I've written 2,804 words since January 1st, which is much more than I had thought possible for me this month.  To challenge myself a bit, I'm going to try and do it again before the month is over.  My favorite line that I wrote was: "I think you could be a great eccentric spinster."  

Learn At Least Two New Songs

This is going pretty well.  I'm learning Fire and Golden Sunset by Brian Crain and also playing around with a transcription of I Am The One from Dragon Age Origins.  Fire is the easiest for me so far, but I'm pretty sure that I shouldn't have any problems learning at least two by the end of the month.  

(This isn't me playing here... I'm not quite brave enough to record my playing yet.)

Read At Least 5 Books

I've read three books so far this month and am already working on number four, so this should be pretty easy.  I might take this chance to finally finish the four volumes of Library Wars hanging out in my room.  By the way, The Scarlet Pimpernel is a great book.  I haven't even tried to write a review for it yet because I'm afraid it wouldn't be very organized.  It would probably just be a bunch of rambling about how much I liked it. 

How are you doing with your resolutions? 

This post inspired by Kelli at SheLearnsAsSheGoes

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  1. I completely forgot to write a mid-month progress report. :) It looks like you are doing really well. :) I have to say I smiled at your favorite line. I would have chuckled but I'm in the library so...
    Glad you enjoyed The Scarlet Pimpernel, I really loved it. I have heard there is an actual series but I never read the rest.