Monday, January 28, 2013

You Might Be A Star Wars Geek If...

1.   You can name over half of the seven lightsaber forms.  
2.  You own Star Wars apparel or other Star Wars memorabilia. 
Yes, this is one of my favorite shirts.

3.  You have played five or more Star Wars games.

4.  You know the names of most (if not all) of the alien species that appear in the movies. 
5. You've ever read a book from the Expanded Universe or Old Republic timelines.  

6.  You know weird facts about the Star Wars universe, such as the fact that Zabraks have two hearts. 
7.  Wookieepedia is on your favorites bar.
8.  You've ever had a serious discussion on one of the following topics: 

a.        Whether or not Jar Jar Binks is a terrible character
b.       Whether or not the Ewoks were a bad addition to Jedi
c.        Whether Han shot first or not
d.       Whether the new Star Wars movies are going to be bad or not
e.       Whether episodes IV-VI are better than episodes I-III or not

 9.  You understand the phrase "Han shot first." 

10.  You've seen nearly every fan video on YouTube, but are constantly on the search for more.  

If you nodded in agreement to any of these statements, you might be a Star Wars geek.

Check back on Friday when I'll be posting my report card for my January Resolutions! 

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