Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Report Card

So, here’s how I did on my resolutions for this month. I’ll be back again tomorrow with my new challenges for the month of November, so stay tuned.


Do at least ten minutes of yoga every night 

Out of the whole month, I only missed three days and I’m willing to give myself a little bit of grace for those because I had a mild case of tonsillitis those days.  Most nights, I even did 15-30 minutes.  Overall, I’m quite proud of myself when it comes to this goal.  

 Grade: A


Finish reading all of these books

Ha.  I didn’t do nearly as well on this goal as I thought I would.  I finished one volume of Library Wars, All Things New, and Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce.  I’ve also started Soul of the Fire, but I’m only 300 pages or so into it.  Work and other parts of life have been more important lately, but I guess I did some of what I said I was going to. 

Grade: B-



*grimaces* Oh yeah, this resolution.  I’m ashamed to say that I did rather poorly.  I’m going to give myself a bit of a break, since I did write on my blog and wrote most of that short story that I said I was going to.  Unfortunately, many of my other concepts were shoved aside this whole month.  Writing takes time, and I didn’t really make much time for it.  Here’s hoping that I’ll do better next time. 

Grade: C-


Start saving for college

I actually kind of impressed myself as far as this resolution goes, saving much more than I thought I would.  I even made enough to spend some on Christmas presents for most of the people on my shopping list.  Huzzah!

Grade: A


Overall Grade: B

Not too bad for my first month of resolutions, if I do say so.  I definitely need to work on making time to write, as well as starting to prepare my schedule for when I’m taking college classes.  

This post inspired by Kelli at She Learns As She Goes

How did you do on your resolutions this month?  

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